How to Make Orange Juice at Home

Homemade Orange Juice

Recipes for fresh orange juice are some of the best you can ever have for a good reason. For some people there is simply nothing on the planet like orange juice as it is great both as a juicy snack and healthy breakfast. It’s a good thing that with an orange juicer machine you can now enjoy freshly prepared homemade orange juice right in the comfort of your home.

The preparation and juicing time will only take two minutes, with everything ready in just four minutes. The kitchen equipment you need will include orange juicer and for the ingredients you only need some large peeled oranges.

Steps for preparing homemade orange juice

  1. Set up your orange juicer on a level dry surface. It is always recommended to set up and assemble the machine when it is unplugged. If your juicer has been stored for some time, wipe the parts using a slightly damp cloth. Any dust in your machine can ruin the delicious juice flavor you would have wanted.Homemade Orange Juice
  2. Rinse and wash the ripe oranges under running cool water. Organic and all natural produce sprat is a good means of getting rid of any dangerous water resistant residue stuck on the orange peel, so consider this as an added cleaning option.
  3. It doesn’t matter if you are using organic oranges or not because you will still want to get rid of the outer orange peel prior to juicing them. All those natural oils in the peel will ruin the flavor of your orange juice. Aside from that this can even cause a bad stomachache. After you peel your oranges, break them into pieces  small enough to feed into the feeder of the orange with ease.
  4. Turn the juicer on and start feeding the peeled orange pieces through it. Avoid excessive pressing down on the produce pusher as this can put unwanted strain on the engine of your juicer.
  5. Stir the orange juice with a mixing spoon as fast as you can to ensure an even consistency and flavor. If there is foam on top of the juice, remove it without wasting any of the liquid. Freshly made orange juice can taste amazing plain or poured over some crushed ice.

Storage Reminders

You can keep fresh homemade orange juice with a juicer for around 24 to 48 hours. Put the juice in the refrigerator in an airtight sealable container. You can also use glass juice jars that come with plastic screw-on lids since they are durable and easy to clean.

The Benefits of Orange Juice to Health

Among the best vitamin C sources is none other than freshly made orange juice. Based on recent studies it was revealed that a diet loaded with vitamin C not only helps strengthen the overall immune system, but can also reduce your risk of developing heart disease and cancer. Oranges are abundant in phytonutrients thought to help reduce inflammation, lower blood pressure, and balance cholesterol. A glass of organic orange juice added to your daily diet will give you a sufficient amount of these phytonutrients to improve your overall health. If you also like to reduce your chances of developing calcium oxalate kidney stones, you might be surprised that drinking orange juice can increase your excretion of citric acid that can prevent formation of kidney stones.

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