The Difference Between Manual and Masticating Juicers

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There are various types of juicers on the market. The most common juicers are manual, masticating, and centrifugal juicers. There’re also slow juicers. So what are the differences between manual and masticating juicers?

My friends Jessica once asked me this question. She asked me which juicer would be best for her daily juicing. She did not know the main differences between the juicers and probably wanted to know the name of a juicer brand. I’m a nutritionist, so she expected the best solution.

I spent lots of time explaining the main differences between manual and masticating juicers. Read them below.

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The difference between manual and masticating juicers

Manual juicers are hand-pressed or hand-held. They are made for small juicing tasks and do not include any electrical parts. Juicing is done by hand.

New Star Foodservice 46878 Commercial Citrus best manual JuicerA manual juicer cuts the fruits and squeezes juice out of them by you pressing its handle. It’s good for  juicing small items such as a lemon, lime, orange, and sometimes an apple.

The manual juicer is used to squeeze a cup or a glass of juice. Items like carrots or wheatgrass cannot be squeezed by a manual juicer.

Masticating juicers are used for bigger juicing tasks. They’re also known as high yield or slow juicers. Masticating juicers multitask – you can make baby food, grind seeds, etc.

Kuvings NJE-3580UMasticating juicers are made for maximal yield juicing. A powerful dual-stage motor does juicing automatically. Dual-stage juicing brings out the last drop of juice from any fruits, vegetables, or leafy greens. You need to put in ingredients and start juicing.  Items such as wheatgrass and hard roots can be juiced by masticating juicers.

Which juicer should you buy?

For easy hassle free life you should have both juicers. The best masticating juicer will be useful for larger amounts of juicing and a manual juicer for juicing single items. If you need to drink a glass of lemon juice every morning, the manual juicer will do quick juicing. A masticating juicer is needed for family juicing, baby food making, grinding coffee beans, etc.


Both a manual juicer and masticating juicer are needed for easy and comfortable life. But before you buy any juicer, compare it and do not buy without seeing reviews. Se the best masticating juicer reviews here.

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