Champion G5-NG-853S Household Juicer Review

Champion G5-NG-853S Household Juicer

Champion G5-NG-853S Household Juicer, White is one of the greatest masticating juicer. It got best masticating juicer rating. This masticating juicer for extreme household use.

Champion G5-NG-853S is a top rated household juicer. It got best customer recommendation. It got 9th best rating in customer choice. This is one of the cheapest masticating juicer on the market. But the quality is great. Champion juicer never compromised with quality.

High yield juicing makes this juicer top rating juicer. This juicer is guaranteed maximum amount of juice.

Champion G5-NG-853S Household Juicer

Champion G5-NG-853S household juicer features:

  • Powerful low speed motor
  • Easy to use
  • 7 inches big feed chute
  • Dual stage juicing
  • High yields juicing
  • Kept natural vitamin and enzyme
  • Easy to clean

Champion G5-NG-853S household juicer descriptions:

Champion G5-NG-853S is a dual stage juicer. It gives continue juicing while pulp being dry. Dual stage juicing ensure maximum amount of juice from fruits and vegetables. It’s easy to juice from hard vegetables like carrots. This juicer has a big 1.7 inches feed chute so it’s easy to enter big pies of ingredients into the juicer.

Champion G5-NG-853S has a powerful speeds motor. This gives speeds juicing. Slow speeds juicing ensure natural vitamin and enzyme remain same. It does not create foaming and does not warm up the juice. It kept natural taste.

Champion G5-NG-853S produce good quality juice. The produce juice is healthy because the juicer made by food grade material. You can easily produce juice from wheatgrass, carrot, hart vegetable and soft fruits.

Juice attachmentThe most benefits of the juicer that you can attach more accessories and can use it for multipurpose process. You can attach grind mill for grinding process. You can grind any kinds of beans like coffee, rice etc.

Also the home grinder attachment allows you to produce baby food, peanut butter etc. You can add more attachment and make this juicer as you need.

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Mar said, I attach a home grinder with the juicer and I make it a food processor. I use to make baby food for my little princess. I’m doing that when she was 6 months, now she is 2 years old. I’m using this juicer 3 times a day its gives me vey comfort. I’m happy with this juicer.

Harries said, I’m giving this juicer 4.7 star because I’m using this juicer about 2 years. It does not make any problem at all. I used to make mixed juice carrot and lettuce it gives every time same taste. The amount of juice good enough and its bringing dry pulp so I can say that it produce maximum juice.

I and my wife used to drink this juice every morning. We work in a bank and the morning breakfast should be heavy and healthy. We are very happy that the juicer produces healthy and tasty juice.

Lilly said, I’m very lezzy and don’t want to work hard for making juice. I just cut big pies of apple and put into the Champion G5-NG-853S and it make tasty juice for me. I’m very happy with its service. I highly recommended this juicer.


  • Dual stage gives more juice
  • High yields juicing
  • Can use as multipurpose
  • 5 years of warranty
  • Easy to clean and easy to use


  • Heavy not easy to handle
  • Attachments needs for grinding

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If you are looking for best masticating juicer then Champion G5-NG-853S would be great products for you. In your busy life this juicer can be a easy solution. Buy this juicer because it highly recommended by customer.

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