About Us

My Name is Jenefer. I love juice, especially orange juice. When I was in the 5th grade I felt strongly drawn to juice.
But when I grew up, I learned about fresh and organic foods. Healthy foods are the only way to live healthily.
So if you buy juice from a supermarket,  you will probably get a juice mixed with chemicals. It’s not healthy. Equally it’s not hard to make your own juice. If you have a good quality juicer, you can make it easily.
There are lots of juicer companies on the market. So which one is best?  This question gives lots of headaches. I started researching the internet and asked my relatives and friends which one they’d go for. Then I tested some juicers.
After getting that information I found some quality juicers. Then I decided to share my experience.
This website will help you find a quality juicer and compare big brands.
We have written lots of reviews about quality juicers on this website. Those reviews are from me and my friends’ personal recommendations. But we are not a part of any brands or companies. This website is not a promotional website.
We made a survey of the best juicers on the market. Then we built this website.
You will find affiliate links on this website. These affiliate links will not charge you extra. We get rewards from the affiliate companies. It helps us to cover the running costs of this website.